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Cute box for accessories

Cute box for accessories

Weekends are coming and you have half hour of free time, but don’t know yet what to do then check the post below – maybe you find it interesting and enjoy doing something by yourself :).

Most probably everybody has lots of unused buttons, stripes, boxes and other accessories that are scattered everywhere in the room. Today I’ll show you how I made use some of them by making cute box and store all other accessories inside it.

glue gun buttons aerosol paint

So here we go:

1) Take an old plastic box from hair mask or body cream, or metallic box from tea bags or even a glass jar that has wide top and not too high for ease of access to your stuff.

2) Next ingredient is decorative material that you will use to make your box looks individual and attractive – use buttons, stripes or any other pieces that can be easily glued with silicon glue. Don’t forget to prepare some alcoholic liquid (vodka is also fine) for the cleaning part.

3) Now you need a glue gun that makes the whole process super simple.

4) Last element is an aerosol paint of any color that suits you well and can be bought in any DIY shop nearby.

Now we can start working:

First of all remove all the labels from the box and clean it properly from the dust with alcoholic liquid to make sure that all parts will be glued strongly to the surface and last for a long time.

cleaning process

<> This type of work doesn’t require any kind of accuracy with glue – the more you have streaks of glue the better it looks in the end.

<> When you finish decorating part of the process, then take your aerosol, go outside of the apartment and paint the box from all sides. Leave it as is for couple of hours to dry and then repeat painting and drying steps if some spots left unpainted.

silicon glue gun buttons aerosol paint

painting process

cute plastic buttons holder

Before using it left the box for couple of more days outside to let the painting odors move out.

 When everything is done – box is ready to store your bijouterie, hair pins or any other accessories that you have in mind!

Hope that you enjoyed this master class – visit our website from time to time for getting inspiration in hand-made crafting! Ciao

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