Baby hat fur pom poms set


Awesome Family Look fur pom poms sets for creating great-looking hats and scarfs. Each set has 2-3 fur poms with a size between 13 and 20 cm. The pom pom has two thin strips for fixing it.



Awesome Family Look fur pom poms sets are specially selected for handmade masters who create great-looking hats and scarfs. I have picked same color items that pass well to a broad range of yarns’ colors. The sets picked have opposite brightness, but all looks great on the finished product. Take a look at the offered sets and if you love some – just buy it for your master piece :).

The Family Look fur pom pom set includes two fur pom poms of different size for creating an incredibly great-looking mother&daughter or mother&son hats.

With 3 fur pom poms (one big pom and 2 smaller ones) you can create marvellous set of a scarf and a hat for yourself or your beloved ones.

The bigger fur pom pom of each set has a size of 17-18/19-20 cm and the smaller one(s) is 13-14/10-11 cm. Each pom pom has two thin strips attached to the bottom that allows it to be easily fixed to your knitted or crocheted art-work and easily detached for laundering. All pom poms in the sets are made from the racoon fur.

Weight: one set of fur pom poms weighs approximately 100-120 grams (3,5-4,2 oz.).

Shipping: the pom poms are shipped internationally to the USA, Canada, Australia and UK via registered mail and reach destination point normally within 3 to 4 weeks. As soon as order is paid we prepare the shipment, ship it within 3 days from the payment date and send you a tracking code via e-mail. The standard international shipping cost is $10 as long as the weight is under 500 grams (17.6 oz). Hence, ordering several pom poms at once make the purchase more economical, though we can ship a single item as well.

Stock: replenishment of the stock is normally done once a week, but if you need a particular number of pom poms urgently, then please contact us and we will try “making them to order”.

International shipping to other countries should be inquired additionally.

In case of any additional questions please feel free to drop us a message!

Additional information


Reddish/Rusted, Dark&Light Brown, Red&Orange, Dark Violet, Bright Red

Number of Poms

2 (Family Look), 3 (Hat&Scarf), 2 (Baby Hat)


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