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Crochet Equilateral Triangle Pattern

two crochet equilateral triangles - gold and white colored

Let’s get a bit acquainted with some basic geometrical shapes today and start with an equilateral triangle. A perfectly sized triangle could be a base to lots of crochet decor items, like a Christmas tree, a garland, and it would be a big miss not to know it. Get your secret hook, yarn and get to it 🙂

Crochet materials and tools:

<> Crochet hook 3.5 mm

<> Super Corfou – 100% Acrylic, Color # 45, 40 grams – 95 meters.

Equilateral triangle size:

Height: 10 cm

Width: 8 cm

crochet triangle made with gold colored yarn

Common abbreviations of crochet stitches:

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

st– stitch

hdc – half double crochet

two crochet isosceles triangles held on the hands - one yellow and one white

Crochet isosceles triangle pattern:

Row 1: Ch3, hdc2 into the first ch, ch1, turn.

Row 2: hdc into the 1st, hdc2 into the last st, ch1, turn.

Row 3: hdc, hdc, hdc2, ch1, turn.

Row 4: hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc2, ch1, turn.

Row 5: hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc2, ch1, turn.

Row 6: hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc2, ch1, turn.

Row 7: hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc2, ch1, turn.

Row 8: hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc2, ch1, turn.

Go on adding hdc every row until you reach desired height of the triangle.

Do not cut the yarn if you want to add a border. And now do your best. Make hdc inserting you hook in every possible stitch where you can go underneath both loops all the way around. As soon as you reach triangle’s angle make hdc 3 and go on with other side. Make sure you don’t have a big gap and holes between each hdc. Once you get to the end connect to your first stitch with a sl st. Cut the yarn and weave in end.

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Deborah Potter 18th January 2022 at 07:22

Video looks as if you are putting the stitches in back loop only but written pattern does not state that . Can you clarify that please and thank you so much b

Knitting Guru 28th January 2022 at 22:52

Hi Debora. No, I insert the hook underneath both loops.


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