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Knit Horizontal Rib Stitch Pattern

knit horizontal rib stitch pattern

knit horizontal rib stitch pattern

Knitting materials and tools:

<> DPN 4.5 mm (US 6 / UK 8)

<> Lion Brand, Heartland (4): 100 % – Acrylic

Common abbreviations of knit stitches:

k – knit

p – purl

yo – yarn over

st(s) – stitch(es)

k2togb – knit two together through the back loop.

RHN – right-hand needle.

sel s – selvage stitch: always slip the first stitch knitwise, work to the last stitch, purl the last stitch

knit horizontal rib stitch motiff

Horizontal rib stitch knitting pattern:

Cast on any odd or even number.

Row 1: sel s, [insert RHN between next 2 stitches, yo and draw up a loop, k1] – repeat till the end. sel s.

Row 2: sel s, [k2tog] – repeat till the end, sel s.

Row 3: sel s, knit all stitches, sel s.

Row 4: sel s, purl all stitches, sel s.

Repeat Rows 1-4 to form the pattern.

horizontal rib knit stitch

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