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Crochet rainbow cardigan (part one)

Crochet rainbow cardigan pattern: 

If you have already finished with 2 sweet strawberries for rainbow cardigan, then you can start crocheting cardigan’s yoke and sleeves. For crocheting rainbow cardigan I used YarnArt Jeans (55% cotton, 45% acrylic) and my favorite hook of 2.5 mm.

Rainbow cardigan size:

Length 30 cm (12″) from underarms, chest 62 cm (24.5″).

Chain 91 (ch), 23 – for the back part, 23 – for the right side of yoke, 23 – for the left part of yoke, 11 for the left front yoke and 11 for the right front yoke.

Row 1: Ch 3 (count it as 1 double crochet – dc), 9 dc, 2dc in the next stitch, ch 2, 2 dc in the next stitch (here we form the first angle as yoke will have square shape), * 21 dc, 2 dc in the next stitch, ch 2, 2 dc in the next stitch (the second angle is formed), repeat from * 2 more time, 10 dc, ch 3, turn.

yoke tutorial

Row 2: 11 dc, 2 dc in the chain 2 space, ch2, 2 dc in ch-2 sp, *25 dc, 2 dc in ch-2 sp, ch2, 2 dc in ch-2 sp, repeat from * 2 more times, 12 dc, ch 3, turn.

After the second row change the color of the thread from white to green.

The main idea of the yoke of rainbow crochet cardigan pattern is to keep repeating the second row (repeat crocheting for the 3rd and 4th Rows). The number of stiches will gradually increases incrementally into each angle.

yoke tutorial

Rows 5 and 6: change a thread color and keep crocheting.

Rows 7 and 8: change a thread color and repeat crocheting.

yoke tutorial

Row 9: the 8th Row had to be finished with ch 3 and turn. 34 dc, 1 dc in ch-2 sp, ch 8, 1 dc in ch-2 sp of the second angle, 66 dc, 1 dc in ch-2 sp (3-d angle), ch 8, 1 dc in ch-2 sp of the 4th angle, 34 dc, ch 3, turn.

yoke tutorial

Row 10: dc in each st across. Fasten off if you are going to change the thread’s color.

Rows 11-16: dc in each st across.

sleeve tutorial

Crochet the sleeves of the rainbow cardigan:

Round 1: join the new thread, ch 1, single crochet (sc) in the same st and in each st around, slip stitch (sl st).

Round 2: sl st in the next sc, ch 3, work in the same st – (dc, ch 2, 2 dc), * skip next 2 sc, in the next sc work – (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) – now it has a form of the “shell”, repeat from * till the end of the round, join in the 3rd ch.

sleeve tutorial
sleeve tutorial
sleeve tutorial

Round 3: sl st in the next dc and in the next ch-2 sp, ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc, keep crocheting shells in each ch-2 sp across, join in the 3rd ch.

Rounds 4-8: repeat round 3.

Round 9: sl st in the next dc and in the next ch-2 sp, ch 1, 2 sc in ch-2 sp, sc in the next ch-2 sp, * 2 sc in ch-2 sp, sc in the next ch-2 sp; repeat from * till the end, join in the 1st sc.

Round 10: ch 1, sc around, join in 1st sc.

Round 11: ch 3, dc around, join in 3rd ch.

Round 12: ch 3, * skip next dc, sc in the next dc, ch 3, repeat from * around, sl st.

Repeat Rounds 1 – 12 for the left sleeve.

In the next post I will continue explanation of main part of the crochet rainbow cardigan pattern and its decoration. I will be happy to share with you the second part of this tutorial. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It is YOU, who always inspire me.

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Rainbow cardigan Part 2 | Crazyhands 1st June 2015 at 16:44

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virginia 12th August 2016 at 08:28

what size is this pattern than you

annanitato_175 13th August 2016 at 21:10

hello, finished measurements: Length 30 cm (12″) from underarms, chest 62 cm (24.5″)

Mariba A McPherson 7th February 2020 at 04:42

How do I make this a size bigger

Knitting Guru 7th February 2020 at 17:53

Hi, I have not done another sizes of this toddler crochet cardigan. It will fit toddler 18-36months

Mariba A McPherson 18th February 2020 at 14:14

Where can we find part two of this rainbow sweater

Knitting Guru 19th February 2020 at 01:59

Hi. Here is the part 2 of crochet rainbow cardigan. Please enjoy

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