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Flat Knit Diagonal Hat Pattern

flat knit diagonal hat pattern

flat knit diagonal hat pattern

Knitting materials and tools:

<> Straight or circular knitting needles 4 mm (US 6/UK 8).

<> Sorbet, Pingouin Yarn –50% acrylic, 30% Nylon, 10% mohair, 10% wool, 50 grams -100 m (110 yards) per skein.

<> Weight Category – Aran. Quantity – 3 balls. If you have difficulty to find aforementioned brand of yarn, use something else that will have about 90-100 m (110 yards) per 50 grams skein.

Flat knit diagonal hat size:

Head circumference: 56-60 cm (22-23”).

Gauge: 14 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette

Common abbreviations of knitting stitches:

K – knit

P – purl

Pm – place marker

M1Rk – make one right increase (knit): pick up bar bringing left hand needle from the back to the front, then knit the bar through the front loop

M1Rp – make one right increase (purl): pick up bar bringing left hand needle from the back to the front, then purl the bar through the front loop

sel s – selvage stitch: always slip the first stitch knitwise, work to the last stitch, purl the last stitch

K2tog – knit two together

P2tog – purl two together

st(s) – stitch(es)

RS – right side

WS – wrong side

yo – yarn over

flat knit diagonal hat with folded brim

Flat diagonal hat knitting pattern:

Using long tail method cast on 4 stitches.

Row 1 (RS): sel s, M1Rk, k2, sel s. Turn. I do suggest placing stitch marker on the right side.

Row 2: sel s, M1Rp, p3, sel s. Turn

Row 3 (RS): sel s, M1Rp, p4, sel s. Turn

Row 4: sel s M1Rk, k5, sel s. Turn

Repeat Rows 1-4 making increases at the beginning of each row.

Row 5 (RS): sel s, M1Rk, k6, sel s. Turn

Row 6: sel s, M1Rp, p7, sel s. Turn

Row 7 (RS): sel s, M1Rp, p8, sel s. Turn

Row 8: sel s M1Rk, k9, sel s. Turn

Row 9 (RS): sel s, M1Rk, k10, sel s. Turn

Row 10: sel s, M1Rp, p11, sel s. Turn

Row 11 (RS): sel s, M1Rp, p12, sel s. Turn

Row 12: sel s M1Rk, k13, sel s. Turn

Go on repeating Rows 1-4 making increases until side of triangle reaches 45-46 cm.

diagonal hat knitting pattern

For the head circumference 55 cm:

To make the hat fit better: 55 -15% = 46.75=46 cm – length of the triangle’s side

As soon as the triangle side reaches 45-46 cm, start making decreases.

Row 1 (RS): sel s, k2tog, knit all other stitches, sel s.

Row 2: sel s, p2tog, purl other stitches, sel s.

Row 3 (RS): sel s, p2tog, purl other stitches, sel s.

Row 4: sel s, k2tog, knit all other stitches, sel s.

Repeat Rows 1-4 making decreases at the beginning of each row, until you have 4 sts on your needles. Bind off all stitches. Cut the yarn leaving 50-60 cm tail.

Fold the hat in half (wrong side out) in a way that the cast on tail is in the right bottom corner. We will seam a brim on the wrong side and the main part of the hat on the right side using a mattress stitch. Make sure to line up your sides correctly. You can use locking stitch markers to pin sides of your hat in place in order not to end up with lopsided seam. Seam approximately 21-22 cm then bring the yarn on the right side and seam the other part till the crown. To close the crown, pick up front loops of each stitch around. After that pull the yarn tight and close the top. Weave in ends.

square knit diagonal hat

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Angela 2nd June 2023 at 17:46

I’ve just glanced through your site for the first time – my goodness you are very talented!
I’ve just come back to knitting after many years of inactivity (sore hands) because I missed it so much. Now I find that lots of things have changed but thanks to wonderful sites like yours and the generous people on YT who make tutorials I feel more enthusiastic to try again. My confidence has ebbed a bit though when I see all the wonderful things that other people have made – especially you.
Thank you for your wisdom and wonderful patterns.
Your English is wonderful and why would anyone hate you for a few adds especially when you provide patterns for free? Just ignore them : )

Ann 23rd June 2023 at 12:58

Thank you Angela for you warm feedback. I am happy my patterns inspire you. Gob bless you and stay healthy!!!


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