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Knit Lunar Cable Hat Pattern

knit lunar cable hat pattern

knit lunar cable hat pattern

Knitting materials and tools:

Circular or double-pointed knitting needles 4 mm (US 6/UK 8) for the ribbing, 4.5 mm ( US 7/ UK 7) for the main part.

Stitch & Story, The Lil’ Merino – 100% merino wool.  50 grams – 65 meters

Weight Category – Medium/Aran. Quantity – 100 grams. If you have difficulty to find aforementioned brand of yarn, use something else that will have about 130 m (145 yards) per 100 grams skein.

Lunar cable knit hat size:

Head circumference: Teen/Adult: 53-58 cm (21-23”) 

Gauge: 16-17 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette

knit lunar cable hat - right side view on a mannequin's head

Common abbreviations of knit stitches:

k – knit

k2tog – knit two together

p2tog – purl two together

p – purl

yo – yarn over

LHN – left-hand needle

RHN – right -hand needle

skpo – Slip, Knit, Pass Over: Slip one stitch to the right needle knitwise, knit in the next stitch and drop this stitch off the left needle, insert the left needle into the slipped stitch, pass it over th

knit lunar cable hat on a flat surface

Lunar cable hat knitting pattern:

Using smaller size knitting needles and the long tail method, cast on 84 sts, or any other number multiple of 12. Join to knit in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Place a stitch marker.  Check the video tutorial to learn about invisible joining method. Why do we cast on a multiple of 12? The ribbing needs to be a multiple of 4, and the main part needs to be a multiple of 6. If 84 stitches are not enough, you can cast on 88 stitches, which is a multiple of 4. After finishing the ribbing, add 4 more stitches to get a total of 90 stitches, making it a multiple of 6.

Knitting a ribbing:

Round 1: [p2, k2] – repeat around.

Repeat Round 1 until the ribbing measures 14-14.5 cm for an adult size.

knit lunar cable hat on mannequin's head

Knitting a body:

Switch to bigger size knitting needles.

Rounds 1-2: [p2, k4] – repeat around.

Round 3: [p2, (k1, yo) – 4 times] – repeat around.

Round 4: [p2, (slip next stitch to the RHN, drop YO stitch off the LHN) – 4 times.   With the tip of the LHN pick up 1st and 2nd knit stitches and slip them over 3rd and 4th ones. Do not drop 1st and 2nd sts; hold them on LHN. Return 3rd and 4th stitches from RHN to the LHN, k4] – repeat around.

Repeat Rounds 1-4 until hat reaches 11 cm from the ribbing. I have knitted 24 rounds after the ribbing.

finished crown of a lunar cable knit hat

Shaping Lunar cable hat’s crown:

Round 1: [p2, k2tog, k2tog] – repeat around.

Rounds 2-6: [p2, k2] – repeat around.

Round 7: [p2tog, k2tog] – repeat around.

Round 8: [p1, k1] – repeat around.

Round 9: [k2tog] – repeat around.

Cut the yarn, leaving a tail of 10-15 cm. Use a hook or tapestry needle to pull the yarn tail through the remaining stitches, then pull tight to close the hole. Finally, weave in the ends

knit lunar cable hat

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