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Small Leaf Crochet Pattern

small leaf crochet pattern

small leaf crochet pattern

Crochet materials and tools:

<> Crochet hook 4.5 mm (UK 7)

<> Bernat Super Value (4) worsted weight yarn

Crochet small leaf size:

About 3 cm without stalk.

four crochet small leaves - white, pink, brown, and blue

Common abbreviations of crochet stitches:

ch – chain

dc cl – double crochet cluster

2 dc cl – 2 double crochet cluster: wrap the hook, insert into the stitch, draw up a loop and then pull through two and hold it. Wrap the hook, insert it into the same stitch, draw up a loop, pull through two, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.

6 dc cl – 6 double crochet cluster: [wrap the hook, insert into the stitch, draw up a loop and then pull through two] – 6 times. Yarn over pull through 1 loop, [yarn over  pull through 2 loops] – 5 times.

sl st – slip stitch

st – stitch

dc – double crochet

three crochet small leaves - brown, white, pink

Crochet small leaf pattern:

Chain 10. 2 DC CL in 6th chain from hook, ch2. Now work underneath the nearest unfinished DC, 6DC CL. When you have 2 loops on your hook, draw it out and turn the leaf, insert the hook again holding working yarn in back. Find the second unfinished dc from the 2 dc cl and work underneath again, 6DC CL. When you have 3 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all 3. Ch 3, turn the leaf on the wrong side and make a sl st in ch2 space that we did earlier.

Cut the yarn and weave in all ends.

Happy hooking!

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